Pertubuhan Perpaduan Puratchi Malaysia

Umagandhan Krishnan II
2 March at 16:03
Puratchi has registered as an NGO. Pertubuhan Perpaduan Puratchi Malaysia. Focusing on 5 Matters. Education / Job / Identity / Law n Order ( Legal ) / Charity Welfare ( HANA ).
Many may identify Puratchi as Rally on Jawi but it was a initiated way earlier before that by United Indian NGOs ( Coalition of selected NGOs that have doing programs for Many years – such as Tamilan Awards , Road To 50k and many more ). So every time we do a program the permit and license will be under Nan Oru Tamizhan Association and now it will be going under the label of Pertubuhan Perpaduan Puratchi Malaysia..
Wait for the official announcement and be part of Puratchi as a member or even Committee

We serve the people !! Our priority is to serve the community !!
We do in a professional way !!
We have professionals to advise , we have good people to serve.

there is no unity among Indian Political Party !! but among NGOs ( registered NGOs with real members ) we do have !!
we cant gather all but we initiated this many years back !!
Umagandhan Krishnan IIUnity is Our Strength

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