06/04/2020 – MONDAY

Believed that second oldest record of usage of ‘zero’ in mathematics is found in a temple in this fort. The inscription is roughly 1500 years old.=

Man Mandir Palace, Gwalior fort


05/04/2020 – SUNDAY

Mystery behind Excavation of a Gigantic Black Stone Vishnu Idol in 1888 at Mehkar


05/04/2020 – SUNDAY

Airavatesvara Temple is a Hindu temple of Dravidian architecture located in the town of Darasuram, near Kumbakonam, Thanjavur District in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. This temple, built by Rajaraja Chola II in the 12th century CE is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with the Brihadeeswara Temple at Thanjavur, the Gangaikondacholisvaram Temple at Gangaikonda Cholapuram that are referred to as the Great Living Chola Temples.


05/04/2020 – SUNDAY

Badami cave temples !😃 Badami cave 1- Dedicated to Lord Shiva


05/04/2020 – SUNDAY

Intricate carving of Lord Vishnu sitting on Sheshnag | Chennakesava Temple | Somanatahpura | Karnataka


05/04/2020 – SUNDAY

I think I may have found proof the pillars are not done with a lathe. i first thought they had to be but this is one of a few examples ive notived that show they used something else. sankrits speak of flying machine etc if thats true then i believe the ancients had more then just chisels and hammers to create these works of art. there was still much skill involved a lot of knowledge is required to create these pieces even with advanced technology. and you must remember to create that technology takes knowledge skill. im very aware of many sculptures done by chisels but ive notived with ancient indian sculptures they create a whole another level of complexity in their designs. i dont believe some of the designs were done simply by chisels. there was advanced technology used here and has been lost.


04/04/2020 – SATURDAY

🙏Must Once Visit 🇮🇳👉Location:Gujarat.
Originally Known As: Darbhavati.
Established In: 6th Century AD.
Main Attraction: Fort Of Dabhoi


04/04/2020 – SATURDAY

The Bugga Ramalingeswara Swamy temple, dedicated to Prabhu Shiva in Tadipatri, Anantapur district, Andhra Pradesh.


04/04/2020 – SATURDAY

Khajuraho was once the capital of the Chandela dynasty. The Kandariya Mahadeva Temple, one of the best examples of temples preserved from the medieval period in India, is the largest of the western group of temples in the Khajuraho complex which was built by the Chandela rulers. Shiva is the chief deity in the temple deified in the sanctum sanctorum


04/04/2020 – SATURDAY

“NARASIMHA PILLAR” is located in the main hall which is one of the most popular and Beautifully carved pillar. It has 6 floors. Every inch of the pillar is carved with miniature idols. There are carvings of Keshava and other eleven images, Sankarshana and other eleven images, ekadasha rudras, dwadasha adityas, shakti devis, Bhairavi, Parvati and Kali. And many carvings like Brahma, Narasimha, war between gods and demons.

Belur sri chennakesava temple, Karnataka


04/04/2020 – SATURDAY

11 th century goddess of war chandeshwari in seneshwara temple ,byndoor,Karnataka


04/04/2020 – SATURDAY

One life is not enough to explore more than 1800 years old Jambukeswarar Temple


04/04/2020 – SATURDAY

The iconic stone umbrella inside the
Bhoga Nandaeeshwara Temple


04/04/2020 – SATURDAY

Jambukeswarar Temple, Thiruvanaikaval


03/04/2020 – FRIDAY

Ancient Underground Siva Temple, Hampi, Karnataka, India.UNESCO world heritage site.


03/04/2020 – FRIDAY

Chausathi Yogini Temple – Hirapur


02/04/2020 – THURSDAY

Here is a collection of Rama & Ramayana Event sculptures from Ancient Temples of South India from my archives.


02/04/2020 – THURSDAY

Stone chariot Hampi Karnataka


02/04/2020 – THURSDAY

Bhutanath temple Badami, it’s a 1200 years old temple, it is built in bank of lake almost covered with h2o source, but when drought season it will empty, very few people known about this beautiful temple… The temple is captured from caves no4.


01/04/2020 – WEDNESDAY

மியன்மார் தமிழர்கள்: சில வரலாற்றுக் குறிப்புகள்.


01/04/2020 – WEDNESDAY

The Kailasanathar temple built using sandstone is a marvel of its age which stood time with its stunning sculptures and
became the trend-setter for other similar temples in South India in a lot of aspects ahead.


01/04/2020 – WEDNESDAY

Ambarnath Shiva Temple, Ambarnath, Maharashtra!


31/03/2020 – TUESDAY

The Sun Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to the solar deity Surya located at Modhera village of Mehsana district, Gujarat, India. It is situated on the bank of the river Pushpavati. It was built in 1026-27 AD during the reign of Bhima I of the Chaulukya dynasty. No worship is offered now and is protected monument maintained by Archaeological Survey of India. The temple complex has three components: Gudhamandapa, the shrine hall; Sabhamandapa, the assembly hall and Kunda, the reservoir. The halls have intricately carved exterior and pillars. The reservoir has steps to reach bottom and numerous small shrines.


30/03/2020 – MONDAY

The Ancient Ones knew, that life evolves in 4 phases and that each phase has 3 stages one had to go through, before moving to the next upper phase. I was wondering why I would not see any markings of the 3 stages on the petals of 4 concentric circles on the roof of the Mandapa. I kept looking again and again and finally found evidence on a few of the badly eroded petals. See the pix. The Numbers to study are 4 x3 = 12 . Remember, the petals in all the 4 concentric circles are 144 . Now see 144 : 12 = 12. Study to understand what the designers of these circles wanted to tell though there is much more, when seeing these numbers in context with the 4 beasts and the center structure in their midst.


30/03/2020 – MONDAY

What Ancient and Medieval Heritage Tell Us about the Northeast – Part 1


30/03/2020 – MONDAY

Amazing Vedic Temple architecture photo series:Intricate Outer walls of Hoyasaleshwara Temple, Halebidu Dated: ~12th century CE. Source : Amazing Indian Architecture


24/03/2020 – TUESDAY

Beauty Of Proud Spiritual India


24/03/2020 – TUESDAY

The Chitradurga Fort Karnataka india


24/03/2020 – TUESDAY

Raghunatha Swamy temple at Hamp


23/03/2020 – MONDAY

Finely sculpted pillar base relief, Kalleshwara Temple, Bagali(Karnataka)
Dated:~10th century CE
Note detached Makara-Torana(arch) resting on replica of turned pillars. Shrine is flanked by two towers.
Now note hairdo of Devi, individual strands are clearly visible


23/03/2020 – MONDAY

Sushrut: World’s First Surgeon; Described 1120 Types of Diseases and Cure


20/03/2020 – FRIDAY



20/03/2020 – friday

Science Behind Popular Indian Traditions – A Documentary Film


19/03/2020 – WEDNESDAY

The Mallikarjuna temple


18/03/2020 – WEDNESDAY

The earliest surgeons: only one painting survives


18/03/2020 – wednesday

🙏Must Once Visit 🇮🇳👉Located in the lap of the Aravalli mountain range, there is a place of great antiquity on the midway between Udaipur and Nathdwara and next to Bagela Lake. The place is dotted with scenic spots and houses a group of 108 temples. The place, Nagda, was the first capital of Mewar rulers. The place was founded by the Fourth Mewar King, Nagaditya in the 6th Century, and soon became a refuge of the Sisodia’


18/03/2020 – WEDNESDAY

You have just stepped into the land of the Srirangam


17/03/2020 – TUESDAY

Friends, I m talking about +1000 years old Koodal Azhagar Temple in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, dedicated to Prabhu Vishnu.


16/03/2020 – MONDAY

Another shot of the stunning carvings on Shamlaji Temple, Shamlaji (02/02/2020)


16/03/2020 – MONDAY

Keerthinarayana temple at Talakad Karnataka


16/03/2020 – MONDAY

Amazing Vedic architecture photo series: Chennakesava Temple, Karnataka- Intricate artwork in the Ceiling!! Inspiring artwork!! : Source – Wonderful Indian Architecture



16/03/2020 – MONDAY

Amazing Vedic Temple architecture photo series:Amazing Temple Dhamtari @Chhattisgarh.Source : Wonderful Indian Architecture


16/03/2020 – MONDAY

Amazing Vedic Temple Architecture photo series:Details of outer wall of Amruteshwara Temple, Amrutapura(Karnataka) See intricate carvings with great details even in miniature form. Source: Wonderful Indian Architecture


16/03/2020 – MONDAY

Our Temples were constructed by a Highly Advanced skillful Civilization, more advanced than us in this age, ..which cannot be achieved in this century even with our so called modernised machinery / technology.


16/03/2020 – MONDAY

Amazing Vedic architecture photo series:Samadheeshwara Temple, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan.Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple was built by Raja Bhoja in the middle of the 11th century AD. Raja Bhoja belonged to the Paramara Dynasty of Rajputs and he spent his youth in Chittorgarh where he built several other structures, the most appealing of which is the Samadheeshwara Temple. The temple was later renovated by Maharana Mokal in 1428 AD under the rule of Sisodias of Mewar.Souce:The Reclamation Project


16/03/2020 – MONDAY

Amazing Vedic architecture photo series:Royal Emblem of Chennakesava Hoysala – Karnataka: Source: Wonderful Indian Architecture


16/03/2020 – MONDAY

Amazing Vedic Temple architecture photo series:Beautiful Krishna deity- Chennakesava Temple – Karnataka. Source : Wonderful Indian Architecture


15/03/2020 – SUNDAY

Jain Mandir ,Jaisalmer Fort ,Rajasthan.
A UNESCO World Heritage Site.


15/03/2020 – SUNDAY

Amazing Ancient architecture photo series:Ornate and Intricate interiors of Jaisalmer Jain Temple.Source: Wonderful Indian Architecture


15/03/2020 – SUNDAY

Jagdish Temple udaipur


15/03/2020 – SUNDAY

Forgotten Chotta Amarnath !! .


14/03/2020 – SATURDAY

Amazing Ancient architecture photo series:Ornate and Intricate interiors of Jaisalmer Jain Temple.Source: Wonderful Indian Architecture


14/03/2020 – SATURDAY

This 1500 yrs old Kailasanatha temple in Siva Kanchi is the first Structural Temple in South India built by Rajasimha Pallava


14/03/2020 – SATURDAY

The Magnitude of the Irretrievable Sanatana Civilisational Loss in Pakistan


14/03/2020 – SATURDAY

தமிழ்கூறும் நல்லுலகு


11/03/2020 – wednesday

4000-year-old Shivling found at Bhabhaniyav village near Varanasi


10/03/2020 – TUESDAY

Ancient Tamil Nadu Made the Finest Steel In The World: Research Reveals Fascinating Facts!


09/03/2020 – MONDAY

Kashi Vishwanath Dham Project: Another ancient temple discovered in Varanasi!


09/03/2020 – MONDAY

4 Women Role Models from Ancient India: From Rishikas to Householders


8/3/2020 – SUNDAY

Tracing the origin of Tamili, the scripts of the Tamils


05/03/2020 – THURSDAY

Why the World Should Care about India, and On Her Own Terms


03/03/2020 – TUESDAY

A century after British sealed it, ASI to remove sand from Konark Sun Temple


03/03/2020 – TUESDAY

Trade and commerce in Sindhu-Saraswati civilisation: Know about the Srenis or guilds of ancient India


03/03/2020 – TUESDAY

The Turtle supporting Mount Meru in Asian and Mesoamerican Art


02/03/2020 – MONDAY

Kings of Kumari Kandam | Pandiyan Kingdom History | Episode 1 | Pradeep Kumar


02/03/2020 – MONDAY

Hindus Discovered America 1000s of Years before Columbus? Here is How 


01/03/2020 – sunday

The Rebirth of Bateshwar – India’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle
Also known as Batesara and Batesvar, the Bateshwar group of temples are located 35 km north of Gwalior and 30 km east of Morena in Madhya Pradesh. Set in a natural bowl within a densely forested ravine of the Chambal river valley, this remote 25 acre site is without doubt one of the most astonishing archaeological sites I have visited in India.
Dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu and Shakti, this group of nearly 200 temples were built during the Gurjara-Pratihara dynasty, the earliest constructions are believed to date from 750 – 800 AD.



29/02/2020 – SATURDAY

Do you know Brahmagupt was the first astronomer in the world to use Mathematics to predict the positions of the planets and timing of the solar and lunar eclipses? And these were precise compared to present day calculations!


08/02/2020 – saturday

அந்தக் கோவில் கட்டுமானத்தில் சுடு செங்கல் இல்லை. மரம் இல்லை. சொறிகல் என்ற பூராங்கல் இல்லை. மொத்தமும் கருங்கல். நீலம் ஓடிய, சிவப்பு படர்ந்த கருங்கல். உயர்ந்த கிரானைட். இரண்டு கோபுரங்கள் தாண்டி, விமானம் முழுவதும் கண்களில் ஏந்திய அந்தக் கோவிலின் நீளமும், அகலமும், உயரமும் பார்க்கும் போது, வெறும் வண்டல் மண் நிறைந்த அந்தப் பகுதிக்கு இத்தனை கற்கள் எங்கிருந்து வந்தன, எதில் ஏற்றி, இறக்கினர், எப்படி இழுத்து வந்தனர், எத்தனை பேர், எத்தனை நாள், எவர் திட்டம், என்ன கணக்கு.????.
Read More

4/3/2020 – wednesday

Hoyasala’s Great Gem Kedareshwara


04/02/2020 – TUESDAY



03/02/2020 – TUESDAY

அதிசயம் நிறைந்த ஆன்மீக ரகசியம்


21/01/2020 – TUESDAY

குமரிக்கண்டம் மறைக்கப்படும் உண்மைகள்


18/01/2020 – SATURDAY

கீழடி அகழ்வாய்வு காட்டும் சான்று: கி.மு. 6ம் நூற்றாண்டிலேயே எழுத்தறிவு பெற்றிருந்த தமிழர்கள்
By admin -September 24, 20190

முத்து உறழ் மணல் எக்கர் அளித்தக்கால், முன் ஆயம்
பத்து உருவம் பெற்றவன் மனம் போல, நந்தியாள்
அத் திறத்து நீ நீங்க, அணி வாடி, அவ் ஆயம்
வித்தத்தால் தோற்றான் போல், வெய் துயர் உழப்பவோ?”
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16/1/2020 – thursday

Why Bodhidharma spread his Kung Fu knowledge in China and not India?
17 May 2019

Bodhidharma was a prince from South India who was instructed by his female Buddhist master to spread the teachings to China. He was thought to have brought Dhyan (meditation), which later would be known as ‘Chan’ in China. Modern historians suggest that he was there as early as the 5th century.
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11/01/2020 – SATURDAY

Was the fall of the Harappan city of Dholavira linked to the disappearance of River Saraswati?
M Somasekhar Hyderabad | Updated on January 02, 2020 Published on January 02, 2020


11/01/2020 – saturday

Ancient India Exported Wootz Steel Worldwide; The Details


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