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Bala Ganapathi William – MANNIN MAINTERGAL

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Bala Ganapathi William is a Malaysian actor, anchorman and producer of Indian origin in Malaysian Tamil Cinema / Malaysian Indian Cinema.[1] He is also known by his initials BGW. He is the founder and CEO of BGW STUDIOS, a Film and TV Production company in Malaysia.Early life and education

Bala Ganapathi William[2] was born to a Malaysian Indian family in Sungai PetaniKedah. He finished his primary education at SJK (T) Saraswathy, a Tamil school in Sungai Petani, Kedah. He completed his secondary education at SMK Bandar Sungai Petani in 2007. After completing his secondary education, he was selected for an intercultural student exchange program under AFS Intercultural Programs from 2008 until 2009 in Japan.Movie

Bala Ganapathi William’s first feature film as debut and solo hero is NEEYUM NAANUM.[3][4][5] William directed the film under BGW Studios in association with HK Network.

2014VivaagarathuTamilTHR RevathyReleased on June 2014 nationwide cinemas in Malaysia
2014VinayTamilBen GDVD Movie (2016)
2014PavithraTamilSoma KanthanProject Dropped[6]
2018Neeyum Naanum[7]TamilBala Ganapathi William20 September 2018


Bala Ganapathi William made his debut as a singer in his first single song title KAADHAL ENBATHU SAABAMA.[8][9][10] The music was composed by Lawrence Soosai. The cast of the music video is Bala Ganapathi William, Subashini Asokan, Mugen Rao & Srithika Sri. Rapper Sheezay & Santesh penned the song lyrics. The song was in Malaysian Top 10 Hits chart more than 10 weeks, and also it was a Number 1 song in the chart continuously for 7 weeks in THR Raaga.

2017Kaadhal Enbathu SaabamaTamil SongMusic Video Directed by: Bala Ganapathi WilliamReleased worldwide on 3 August 2017
2018Intha Kaadhale VenamTamil SongMusic Video Directed by: Bala Ganapathi WilliamReleased worldwide on 21 February 2018
2018Tokkam IllaiyeTamil SongMovie Directed by: Bala Ganapathi Williama song from Neeyum Naanum movie


As for 2017, BGW has worked more than 300 episodes of the TV program and TV series locally and internationally. He first appeared on television in 2009 in a program titled ‘Alaram 2’ on ASTRO Vaanavil, at the age of 19. He made his debut as a host, TV anchor in a dance competition titled Yuttha Medai which was previously known as Aattam 100 Vagai in ASTRO Vaanavil in November 2012. He made his debut in acting in a TV Drama titled ‘Vazhkai Valvatharke’ which was aired on ASTRO Vaanavil in 2012. ‘Alarum Pookkal’, also knowns as ‘3 Doctors’ drama which was aired in RTM TV2 channel in 2013 was first drama featuring William as the male lead.

In the street food program, Rasikka Rusikka William travels Malaysia by bicycle and samples local food. By the fourth season, he also traveled in Thailand and Singapore.

In 2014, William worked as an actor in the Singapore Tamil TV series Annamalai, which aired on Mediacorp Vasantham TV channel. Singapore TV host Nithya Rao also appeared in the series. William also worked as an assistant director and casting director for the series.

2012Yuttha Medai[11]Host/AnchorAstro Vaanavil
2012Vazhkai ValvatharkeSupporting RoleAstro VaanavilDirected by: V. Nagaraj
2012AlaigalHostTV2Directed by: V. Nagaraj
2012Unakkaga Ellam UnakkagaLead RoleAstro VaanavilDeepavali special
2013Kambatthu PongalHostAstro VaanavilPongal special
2013Alarum PookkalLead Male – HeroTV2
2013Vaanavil Super Star (Backstage with Bala)Online HostAstro Vaanavil
2013Time OutParticipantTV2
2013MarakkappattavargalMain CastAstro Vaanavil
2014Rasikka Rusikka Season 1HostAstro Vinmeen HD[12]
2014Kalai AranggamHost / AnchorTV2Directed by: V. Nagaraj [13]
2014Kaaval Season 1Main CastTV2Directed by: V. Nagaraj [14]
2014Yen Nanban, Yen Uyir TelemovieLead Male – HeroAstro VaanavilDirected by: CJ.Baskar – India
2014Velvi 2Lead Male – HeroTV2Directed by: MS.Kalai
2014Yetho Mayakkam TelemovieLead Male – HeroAstro Vinmeen HDDirected by: Muralikrishnan Munian
2014Annamalai Season 1Supporting RoleMediaCorp VasanthamSingapore Tamil Drama.[15]
2015Grahanam Season 1Lead MaleTV2Directed by: V. Nagaraj
2015Gundhu PonnaeLead Male – HeroTV2Directed by: V. Nagaraj
2015Annamalai Season 2Main CastMediaCorp VasanthamSingapore Tamil Drama
2015Velicham Season 1Host / AnchorTV2Directed by: V. Nagaraj
2015Rasikka Rusikka Season 2Host / AnchorAstro Vinmeen HD
2016Marma Camera TelemovieMain CastAstro VaanavilDirected by: V. Nagaraj
2016Velicham Season 2Host / AnchorTV2Directed by: V. Nagaraj
2016Manggalyam Tanthunanena Telemovie [16]Lead Male – Hero & ProducerAstro VaanavilProduced by: BGW Studios, Directed by: Karthik Shamalan
2017Kaaval Season 2 (Police TV Series)Lead MaleTV2Directed by: V. Nagaraj
2017Rasikka Rusikka Season 3Host / AnchorAstro Vinmeen HD
2017 & 2018Rasikka Rusikka Season 4Host / AnchorAstro Vinmeen HD


1) In 2017, Bala Ganapathi William received Best Host/Announcer Award for 2016 & 2017 by ‘Malaysian MGR Youth Association’ & ‘Persatuan Peminat ASTRO Vaanavil Negeri Kedah’. The award was presented to him by popular actor cum director from India, K. Bhagyaraj sir. The ceremony took place at SP Inn Hotel, Sungai Petani Kedah on 29 July 2017.

2) On 29 December 2017, Bala Ganapathi William received Nadigar Thilagam Sivaji Ganesan Award as Most Promising Artist of the Year 2017. This award was presented to him by Sivaji Ganesan Cultural Society, Malaysia.

3) On 31st January 2019, Bala Ganapathi William received Cinefest Malaysia Award as a Best Debut Director for his movie titled Neeyum Naanum.Film Production

  • Goodbye[17] | Short Film (Director & Cinematographer) | 2014
  • Annamalai Season 1 | Vasantham MediaCorp Singapore (Assistant Director & Casting Director) | 2014
  • Annamalai Season 2 | Vasantham MediaCorp Singapore (Assistant Director & Casting Director) | 2015
  • Annamalai Season 3 | Vasantham MediaCorp Singapore (Assistant Director & Casting Director) | 2016
  • Manggalyam Tanthunanena Telemovie[18] | Astro Vaanavil (Producer – BGW Studios) | 2016
  • Neeyum Naanum – Feature Film | Malaysian Tamil Movie (Film Director) + (Production & Distribution by BGW Studios) | 2017

Music Videos

William directed music videos starting in 2017.

YearTitleDirectorSingerMusic ComposerLyricist
2017Kaadhal Enbathu Saabama[19]Bala Ganapathi WilliamBala Ganapathi WilliamLawrence SoosaiSantesh & Sheezay
2017Yehnulle[20]Bala Ganapathi WilliamAnjaliSundrraManey Villanz
2017Nanba Vaa[21]Bala Ganapathi WilliamPillay AsbalanJose FranklinYuwaji
2018Pen Azha Vendam[22]Bala Ganapathi WilliamDatin Sri Shaila Nair feat Magen Vikadakavi & AneithazefR.LawrenceJai Alamandra Quest
2018Intha Kaadhale Venam[23]Bala Ganapathi WilliamBala Ganapathi WilliamShane ExtremeBala Ganapathi William
2018Saaral Katru[24]Bala Ganapathi WilliamPillay AsbalanJose FranklinOrchid Studios, Chennai
2018Ladybird[25]Bala Ganapathi WilliamDK Dinesh KumarPrinceten Charles, GermanyPsychomantra
2018Socks Bala[26]Bala Ganapathi WilliamSanteshSanteshSantesh
2018Bells[27]Bala Ganapathi WilliamBuggimaanKilladi MusicBuggimaan
2019Darling Ille[28]Bala Ganapathi WilliamTaiping VickySanteshGana Deena
2019Niagara[29]Bala Ganapathi WilliamJigunnamaanKilladi MusicPsychomantra


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